Issues with AAX plugin

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Issues with AAX plugin

Postby derelicte7 » Tue Jul 04, 2023 3:37 pm

I'm hoping that I'm overlooking some option somewhere, otherwise I'm probably going to be kicking myself in the teeth for not finding the trial version of this before buying :/

Plugin Window - I'm a healthy distance from my monitor, and I'm having trouble making out the options and words in the plugin. So, I went into settings and set the zoom to 200%, however, the plugin size does not change.

Mono Instrument Track - The plugin's volume is not moderated by my track volume. I.e. if I turn the tracks volume down to infinity, the plugin's volume does not change. This isn't the case on a stereo instrument track.

Demo volume independent of all other volumes - this one is actually kinda big to me...I can have the track volume all the way down, the string volumes all the way down, and the plugins master volume all the way down, but when I play one of the pattern settings the volume is significantly 2-3x higher than everything else. I have to turn my mixer a couple of clicks away from 0 to get a comfortable volume.

I haven't been able to really dig into it because of these usability issues, but this is fairly disappointing for a price tag of 200.

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