How do I make slide outs possible without keyboard?

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How do I make slide outs possible without keyboard?

Postby EeveeonE » Sat Sep 04, 2021 10:03 am

I don't own a keyboard, and I can't because there's no room.

How would I go about achieving a slide out in FL Studio? The manual says it's based on pressure, so if I softly lift the key, that makes a slideout? what would the parameter be for that in this case?

I also have a problem with creating legato slides. There's no controller for it. CC #5 doesn't work. CC #65 also doesn't work. 68 and 84 too. There's something wrong here.

Also, how do I change string positions in FL Studio? (Nevermind, figured it out) Have to create an automation controller on the CC #4.
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Re: How do I make slide outs possible without keyboard?

Postby DavidsonCuba » Sun Sep 19, 2021 9:47 pm

Hey bro!

It's sad that ThreeBodyTech guys not provide a very deep manual and videos about HS7 are a few... I hope things will change, they told me that they are working on a new update for HS7 and also the delayed and so expected HS9... But at the time, this forum is very quiet, I invite you to join us to the few here for support the TBT team, sharing videos, talking about suggestions, questions, etc.

About how to make and slide off with HS7 is very easy... use the G#0 key named (Stop) overlapped with the note that you want to make the slide, the G#0 on low velocities it just make an stop but on high velocities it produces an slide off from the note that you wrote to down, of course if the note is, for example a F# on the 2nd fret of E-high string the slide off will be short and little noticeable, try to use fret position or notes more far from the open strings.

Unfortunately the slides from one note to another (not simple legato, long legato slides) and polyslides I think are not possible with HS7 at the moment or at least they aren't well implemented as other virtual guitars libraries but you can check this and also download the midi of the demo (in the description) to explore this approach. Anyway I hope they add this MUST HAVE features / samples with the upcoming update or make it more intuitive and with more control (And also more palm mute layers, another missing very important stuff)

The string selection is one of the lacks of HS7 but the algorithm is very realistic to an human approach, you can control it the the Fret Position controler CC in order to make a guide to the algorithm of where you want to play the notes on the fretboard... There is no directly the feature that you say (I requested it too) but can works!

Sorry for my english, isn´t perfect, I hope you understand me and my thoughts will be useful for you. Stay tuned! It's been a while from the last news of TBT but don't lose hope!!! Even with this few lacks of features HS7 still have the more realistic sound and engine from the market, trust me...

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