Video tutorials of everything on our manuals

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Video tutorials of everything on our manuals

Postby Zombie » Tue Aug 18, 2020 11:49 pm

I've looked over the manual for this product to perform certain actions, but I feel some of those things aren't triggering :( . Reading it multiple times and I haven't seen specific instructions to do those actions of the explained topics in the manual. May you create videos to demonstrate and teach how to use this product successfully from thee manual's perspective. Have each person demonstrate on different computers and DAW's (for example...have teams work with Mac iOS, HP, Lenovo, and other computers. Have the teams try various DAWs GarageBand, Ableton, FL Studios, and other DAWs as well. We need to use your product just as you intended to be utilized, but we can't do it without furthermore help, not all of us understand the meaning through just reading, seeing others do will help a lot more alongside the manual's instructions. Whether through teaching by uploading videos on a Youtube channel or the website itself. with this being said, once again we need video tutorials on how to utilize every section for this product correctly according to the manual
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Re: Video tutorials of everything on our manuals

Postby DavidsonCuba » Sat Sep 19, 2020 2:35 am

I think the same, there is not enough information or sample videos of the product, I have doubts about Hammer On/ Pull of for example...I want to suggest add a small screen panel showing the articulation used at the moment...

I think TBT should invest more in its promotion. It happens that you have a product (HS7) of the highest level, for me, of the best virtual guitars ... but to a great extent it is unknown, TBT needs to grow, they deserve it for the work they have done and I hope they can continue, but judging by the time that has passed, it has been difficult for them ... Please! Do something! your work is awesome!!!

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