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Postby DavidsonCuba » Wed Sep 13, 2023 6:41 pm

It's amazing how Heavier7Strings is already 6 years old and is still so useful and realistic... That's why many of us can't stop imagining what would become of Heavier7Strings and similar products that you could develop, with all the technological advances and knowledge accumulated during all this time.

Please ThreeBodyTech... What do you lack? Human resources? Economic resource? Time? Motivation? Are you planning to abandon the development of HS7 and successors? Have you thought of organizing a crowdfunding?
You can at least make a simple update to HS7 where you include some effects that can contribute to have an even more complete product?

I can't achieve such realistic lines with any other virtual library, not even with the Impact Soundworks ones, which for me are the best after HS7... However, I miss samples of rakes, choke, etc. which are also necessary for the performances. As well as more of the promised and well received FX samples for boom slides, scratches, scrapes, etc. I don't think it would be too difficult to incorporate at least this and keep the hope alive that they listen to us and that someday something new will come. I could point out a revision of the engine, and the string arrangement algorithm, allowing to select them also manually alternative to the CC's, with keyswitches for the strings, would not be bad have the two options, incorporate a visualizer that shows the articulation that is being executed, be able to do hammers/pull off in a conventional way (with overlapped notes) for those like me that prefers using the velocity range to play sustain / palm mutes (and at this time, is u have to renounce to hammers/pull off and legatos if you use this option), also create another more realistic and practical way to make slides off... the current method besides being awkward, does not sound good.... Look for example how easy Prominy makes it, or Shreddage, Ample Sound with short notes at the end or with keyswitches... Please ThreeBodyTech, don't give up!

Please, if the issue is economic, time and motivation... which I think is the most likely, seriously consider doing a crowdfunding, to see if it is worth it, I am sure that many of us will give them love and if we all put a little, maybe you will be surprised by the result...

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