Heavier7Strings FAQ

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Heavier7Strings FAQ

Postby admin » Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:01 am

1.How many computers could one serial number activate?
Each serial number could activate Heavier7Strings on three different computers.

2.How to deactivate?
Currently we do not support deactivate one specified computer, If you have authorized for three times and your device is upgraded or changed, please contact us at: support@threebodytech.com. After confirmation, your authorization could be reset. We can only do at most 4 times in one year.
Normally reinstall your system will not affect your authorization, the authorization would only be influenced when a hardware replacement happens.

3.Why my serial number don’t work?
The serial number of Heavier7Strings looks like xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. If your serial number looks like xxx-xxx-xxx-H7S-nnnnnnnnnn, it is a code to use at Best Service. You need to visit Best Service’s website, and exchange Heavier7Strings serial number using that code.

4.Can I use third-party effects?
No problem! Heavier7Strings is built for any effects.
If you already have configurations in our built-in effect rack and don’t want to lose it, you can switch effects to bypassing, and Heavier7Strings will bring pure and clean sounds.
When using 3rd-party effects, there may be issues in output channel number. Please refer to section 4.6 of manual for further details.

5.Can Heavier7Strings instances from multiple hosts share sample usage?
No, unfortunately not. Only Heavier7Strings instances in the same host can share samples. That’s because different host DAWs are in different processes, and sharing memories from multiple processes may cause problems like extra delay or CPU usage. For the same reason, multiple computers, or Heavier7Strings stand-alone program and its plugins can’t share memory either. If you need to ReWire multiple DAWs together, we suggest loading Heavier7Strings into whichever DAW is master host.

6.Can I use the effect rack of Heavier7Strings along?
At present our effect rack cannot be used alone, but we are going to make it available on next release in recent future. It would be free to use for Heavier7Strings users.

7.How to use Heavier7Strings in Sonar8.5?
In Sonar8.5, you need load Heavier7Strings to fx on audio track, then set midi output to Heavier7Strings.

8.How to use Heavier7Strings in Sonar X3?
Due to some inconpatibility issue between SONAR X3 and the SDK we use, Heavier7Strings cannot work properly in SONAR X3 as a virtual instrument. Please email us, and we will give you download link of a SONAR X3 specific version. This version of Heavier7Strings can be used in SONAR X3 as effect plugin.

9. How to find loop and presets when I use garageband?
We sugget that you can try the following operations to fix it: Please copy "presets", "effect_presets" and "loops" directories, from "/Users/(your name)/Library/ThreeBodyTech/Heavier7Strings" to "/Users/(your name)/Library/Containers/com.apple.garageband10/Data/Library/ThreeBodyTech/Heavier7Strings".

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