Plugin Recomendations, Free Hesu Cab IR From Ola Englund + Free DAW From Juce Creator + Kontakt Freebies Included

Users are welcome to share setting configurations, using tips, songs, IR presets, etc...
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Plugin Recomendations, Free Hesu Cab IR From Ola Englund + Free DAW From Juce Creator + Kontakt Freebies Included

Postby rosesbyrosex » Tue Dec 05, 2017 12:49 am

Free DAW Tracktion 6 from the creator of JUCE c++ library, super simple and highly recommended
Drop A Tuning bass AEADG

Ample Bass Metal Ray II (AMR2) modeled on Stingray 5 Classic 5 strings electric bass, sounding hard and bright.

Modo Bass: Metal Bass based on Dingwall® Combustion NG2 5-string

NOTE: All MODO bass can be tuned down to drop A but it's only recommended in in 5/6 stringed versions to avoid fret buzzing.
NOTE: AMR2 is the only ample bass that can be tunned down to A

Ignite Amps NadIR IR Loader/Convolver [Free] NOT AS GOOD AS RECABINET 5
Download attached at the end + Ola Englund Hesu 2x12 Cab IR
If you are familiar with IR Cabs you may know Nadir or it's rebranded version from Rosen Digital Called Pulse, though the base code it's almost the same for both, Pulse is a lite and lower quality version of Nadir. NOTE: set the quality to EXTREME as shown on the image. The VST dll and my fav IR Cab are attached at the end of this post

Pocket Blackus Cello [FREE] (Requires kontakt)
simple, slow moving, expressive solo cello
TIP: set mode to polyphonic to avoid legato delay and velocity curve to constant as showed on the image.

The stroh violin [FREE] (Requires kontakt)
Self-amplified variation on the classic violin design with a resonating metal body and horn.
  • 3x dynamic layers / up to 5x round robins
  • Sustain, spiccato & pizzicato articulations
  • 3-layer rhythmic sequencer / gate
  • Quick controls for grit, dirt and vinyl
  • Customizable mapping

Embertone Intimate Strings Lite [FREE] (Requires kontakt)
  • 4 virtuoso string players
  • • Expressive, natural tone. True legato
  • 3X round robin neighbor borrowing
  • 500 MB instrument, 16-bit/48 KHz

Ivyaudio Piano in 162 [FREE] (Requires kontakt)
Based on a Steinway Model B grand piano
  • Simple UI
  • High Quality Recording
  • Comprehensive sampling
  • Piano in 162 features five dynamic levels, two round robins, and separate pedal on and off samples for a true to life sound with realistic sympathetic resonance.

IK multimedia AmpliTube 4
AmpliTube 4 is a guitar and bass tone studio for Mac/PC that works as a standalone application and as a plug-in for your favorite DAW.
  • New Hyper-realistic cab room
  • Dual 3D mic placement
  • Individual Speaker Selection
  • Acoustic Simulator
  • Creative connections and effects placement
  • Vast selection of amps, stomps, cabinets and more includes officially certified models from the likes of such legendary greats as Fender®, MESA/Boogie®, Ampeg®, Orange®, Soldano™, Groove Tubes®, Gallien-Krueger®, Jet City Amplification™, THD® and T-Rex®, Fulltone®, Z.Vex®, Carvin®, Morley®, Wampler Pedals®, Dr. Z®, ENGL® and more. There’s also signature gear from artists like Slash and Jimi Hendrix.

Toontrack Superior Drummer 3
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Re: Recomendations for new H7S users (Under Construction)

Postby TBT_Nathan » Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:55 am

Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Plugin Recomendations, Free Hesu Cab IR From Ola Englund + Free DAW From Juce Creator + Kontakt Freebies Included

Postby Alvsvartr » Tue Dec 19, 2017 8:43 am

Thanks! It is very difficult to find really good freebies :)

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