Heavier7Strings V1.2.1 released!

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Heavier7Strings V1.2.1 released!

Postby admin » Tue Apr 24, 2018 9:39 am

Dears users,

New samples, new effects, new patterns and new performance scripts. As you can see, tons of work to do. We have to delay the release of Heavier7Strings 2.0.
But, this will be an awesome new release, complete upgrade from previous version. So please give us a little more time.

As a “preview” of what’s coming next, Heavier7Strings 1.2.1 is released today. It improved an issue you all card about: latency.
Along with two brand new effects, here’s the detail:

-Two new effect modules: HammerMetal and MainTank, which are both distortion modules.
-Reduced latency of AMP and Cabinets modules.
-Improved sound quality of AMP and Cabinets by refined resampling algorithm on convolver kernels.
-Fixed a bug induced in 1.1.5 that different sample rate causes different amount of distortion for AMP module.
-Made sounds from AMP and Cabinet modules more similar with those of 1.1.X series.
-Fixed occasional bad sound in some sound cards.

We hope you like the new update, and for other small bugs didn’t get fixed in this one, we will do so in the next.

Download at http://www.threebodytech.com/updates
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Re: Heavier7Strings V1.2.1 released!

Postby rosesbyrosex » Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:10 am

maybe is just my imagination but i think the sound improved on my laptop, i have realtek HD soundcard + AMD A12 HD audio (CPU)

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