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Denis Whatever
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Re: H9S update

Postby Denis Whatever » Tue May 11, 2021 8:47 am

I know that I ask you so much , but could do some chord editor for those who don't know chords on the guitar at all ? it's so hard for me to search for chords and write them in midi note by note . RealStrat5 as an example has an awesome build it SONG MODE . Or Ample sound has kind of RIFFER SECTION where you can write chords and other rhythm parts and set articulation for each of the parts . Could you do it PLEASE ? I'm in love with H7S , though this SONGWRITING TAB could make it an ULTIMATE Instrument
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Re: H9S update

Postby DavidsonCuba » Sun Jul 04, 2021 8:27 am

Hey! Any news? We are waiting to see something about HS9 and also a major update for HS7 don´t discontinue it, this is still today THE MOST REALISTIC VIRTUAL GUITAR... just you have to do some upgrades, see the competition Ample Sound and Impact Soundworks mostly... The first thing that you should need to add on HS9 and HS7 is more samples for PALM MUTES to diferent velocities...Loose Palm Mute, Half Mute, Chug Mute, Tight mute...things like this

Consider please the function of Hammers and Pull Off...the most efficent way is using overlapped notes...I can´t distinguish how sounds on HS7...please add a visualizer text where we can see the articulation playing

Also if you can add (I think this is more possible on HS9 not HS7 because is more complex) However I tell you for next products...but will be awesome if you record separately the pick sound to adjust later at user taste, great add

Cheers team! We know it's hard to sample and program an instrument to achieve this grade of realism, we know that you are a small team...All of us compromise to help you to share and promo, make reviews, demos about your products to move ThreeBodyTech to the top...YOU DESERVE GUYS!!!!
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Re: H9S update

Postby xphen0m » Sat Dec 04, 2021 4:36 am

.....Is this ever coming out?

I love H7S, but it has some short comings that I hope a new guitar could capitalize on.

At this point, I'm thinking this project is abandoned.
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Re: H9S update

Postby DavidsonCuba » Sat Jan 08, 2022 6:47 am

xphen0m wrote:.....Is this ever coming out?

I love H7S, but it has some short comings that I hope a new guitar could capitalize on.

At this point, I'm thinking this project is abandoned.

Yes bro...I´m thinking the same, perhaps not, and just a biiiiiig delayed project, thinking, sampling, modeling, building and programming a Virtual instrument it's not easy, and even more with Three Body Tech! Even today I found difficult to beat the realism that you can achieve with HS7!!! That's why I´m still dreaming with a HS9 and an update (at least) for HS7 ex, more palm mute layers, better behavior for hammer on, slides, etc. But if they continue to remain in silence the people can turn off... But here WE ARE!!! The survivors! I think we must help withr reviews, promos for let the world know what is cominng with TBT HS9 and HS7!!!! Please ThreeBodyTech WAKE UP!!! RISE UP! We will support you!
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Re: H9S update

Postby fuckass900 » Tue Jun 21, 2022 8:12 pm

Any update on this???
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Postby DavidsonCuba » Thu Nov 17, 2022 9:58 am

fuckass900 wrote:Any update on this???
The last time they told me that it will be very difficult to see any updated or new product related to HS7 because they are a small team and it seems that the development of this kinda stuff was overwhelming :( :( :( :( Very sad, because they made one of the MOST REALISTIC VIRTUAL GUITARS on the market and I think many improvements can be make... Unfortunately it seems that HS7 and HS9 has become in ABANDONWARE :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
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Re: H9S update

Postby jamessmith84840011 » Thu Mar 16, 2023 1:53 pm

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