New product from Three-Body Tech and you can own it before its release!

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Re: New product from Three-Body Tech and you can own it before its release!

Postby DavidsonCuba » Sat Aug 21, 2021 5:05 pm

admin wrote:
DavidsonCuba wrote:This seems to be dead :-( So sad!!! Please rebirth from the ashes!!! Heavier7strings it's a amazing product.... unfortunately time is passing and it seems I´m the only live person here :-(


Thanks for your message, please don't worry that we will never stopped the research and development.

Appreciate your long term support.


It's good to know that you are still alive :D When I'll become famous and rich I will support with tons of money your company because I LOVE YOUR WORK WITH HS7 and it allows me to improve my music!!! :D :lol: :P

I combined the Hs7 guitar parts and blended with real guitar achieving incredible results!!! I know you are developing HS9 but please don´t forget HS7 I think both can cohexist as Impact Soundworks make with his old updates to keep an standarization.

I have many years of experience deeply programming music with virtual libraries pushing it to the limit, due my difficulties of having real stuff in orde to make it sound the more realisitic possible, with all modesty I can talk of what are the zones needed to improve:

Here a resume of what I suggest,:
- Add more PALM MUTE sample layers to HS7 and of course HS9 (I think 4 or 5 layers are need Very Tight - Tight - Loose - Very loose and chuggy)
- More special keys and FX, this are very very useful!
- Hard sustain samples
- Hammer on/pull offs option to trigger with overlapped notes (as other libs)
- Polyphonic slides of chords
- Fret releases and other noises control
- Pick Attack samples control
- Text to show what articulation is executing
- Keyswitches for string selection
- A function to remap articulations to MIDI Channels (for example Channel 1 - Sustains notes Channel 2 - Palm mutes etc

Also always check the best ones of the competition...
Shreddage Guitars (Hydra is their flagship, and Jupiter also the more used) - It's the best actually... Very deeply many palm mutes, good control and customization, powerchords samples, fret releases, etc ... But the sound n tone characteristics is not so good as HS7

Ample Guitars (Hellraiser is their flagship) - Good looking, able to play tabs, many libraries, great coehesion between different libraries and many options to control the sound but lacks of deep in this same options (not enough round robins is the more noticeable)

Prominy V-Metal: Is a very OLD library, but still one of the most realistics due the size (12 GB aprox) but lacks of the new technology, very old GUI, poor intuitive looking... In the good things they sampled so many chords not only single notes, the sound is pretty well, with a good pick attack mostly for lead tones the way that they use legato slides is very efficent... More bad things the LACK of palm muted (just one, they later add a feature to control de length of this sample to make it more loose, but still need more layers)

I have wrote a lot! sorry guys!!! But I hope you appreciate my thougths :shock:

I wish to all the team the BEST OF THE WORLD!!!

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