Heavier7Strings is Launching Toady!

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Heavier7Strings is Launching Toady!

Postby admin » Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:25 am

Many people watched our demonstration videos and listened demo audios since we released the news of our new product Heavier7Strings last week. Many of you left us messages and even sent us e-mails to show your appreciation towards our product. Some fans told us this product is what they just need indeed. We feel so proud! We also desire to create a virtual instrument that ever existed in our dream.

We never thought that we could earn so much attention because we thought the news needed several months to spread. So it still has some things for us to prepare before launch. Many of you sent us e-mails to ask for the buylink. Even some customers has bought our product from our trial buylink. We felt so surprised! Earning such great enthusiasm from you, how could us let you down? Therefore, we decided to work overtime on the weekend. On last weekend, We did two major works. One was we uploaded more demo videos on YouTube for you to know more about our product. Another was making a huge number of final tests. Our programmers and sound engineers kept working for 36 hours without sleep in order to provide you with a perfect use experience. We fixed many bugs just now and let us show you below.

There is a built-in window with more than 1000 parameters inside our product. We hide this window to users because it is so complicated (We may open some parameters in the future). In this window, we can adjust various performance logic. On account of huge numbers of parameters, we fixed many bugs in our final test. Including but not limited:
1. modify some legato parameters, now you can receive more authentic legato effects;
2. slightly modify the harmonics modulation, “mod.” can get more distinct effect;
3. turn down the release samples volume, it has been a little bit loud before;
4. adjust some gliss parameters to make it more vivid;
5. modify some presets;
6. optimize CPU usage;
7. adjust velocity modulation.

Right now, we are approaching the final test! We will open our buylink as long as the test is finished ( if it goes well, today we will open the buylink). Thanks for your consistent attention. Get ready to rock your world!

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