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Re: H9S update

Postby In Flames » Thu Apr 04, 2019 6:40 pm

admin wrote:
In Flames wrote:
admin wrote:
In Flames and Alvsvartr,

We truly aware the expectations and thank you guys for understanding. For now, we really want H9S to be great, we can just use old codes and record new samples, but we feel it's unfair for the users and it's not what we wanted.
So please wait a little longer, it will be worth it, we promise.

Yes, thanks for the attention. I'll try to resist. I have a suggestion! Is it possible to have some midi files for the new guitar focused on metal styles? (deathmetal, thrash,blackmetal, djent ecc) ?
I ask this noth much to understand how the guitar works, but to have some premixed templates to work on.

First, thank you again for understanding.
Second, your suggestion makes so much sense! We'll definitely consider and do our best.

All the best,


Hi Alvsvartr, yes I use Guitar Pro to import my midi in Fl Studio 12, but I agree with your idea. I asked for midi files(a Flp, for Fl Studio ie) created by the guys from ThreeBodyTech mainly because I would like to know how they work with guitars, at least. One of my problems with vst guitars is that I cant never achieve a good mix, this doesn't happen when I use real guitars with double or quadtracking.

Having a premixed template to work with would be cool, but I don't know if this is doable in the way I'd mean, since not everyone use the same workstation.

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